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Permit worker information

Please read this page before proceeding to your registration.

In addition, please note that we reserve the right to refuse any registration without work experience or training as a stagehand.

A registration fee of $10 must be paid annually and covers the period from January 1st to December 31st. This allows you to appear on the call list. There is no seniority for permit workers. The amount payable per year may change without notice.

After reading this page, you can either register online here or come to the IATSE local 56 office to complete a registration form.

You must have a minimum of experience or training as a stagehand. Registrations without qualification will be rejected.

Please note that a void check will be required.


Call System and How It Works

  • The calls are sent out by email. Make sure that you have provided the correct email to the office.
  • If you receive an email for work and are interested, you simply have to reply : “I am available for this call.” The call steward will inform you if you received the call or not. There is no reply necessary if you are not interested or are unavailable.
  • Take into account that our union is made up of about 300 members who have priority at all times for all the work obtained through local 56. They have until 1:00 pm the day before a call to declare themselves as available.
  • For each call, it is crucial to open and read the Crew Call (pdf). This document contains all the key information specific to the call in question (date, time, place, event, skills required, number of people requested …) If there is text in the email, please make sure to have read it’s content.
  • The call steward will seek to fill the call sheet based on permit workers with the necessary qualifications.
  • If the call steward has confirmed your attendance for a call for which you are later unavailable to attend, get in touch with the call steward directly ASAP (email:, text or telephone: 514-267-2859) so that a replacement can be found.
Important things to note once you are given a call
  • You are required to bring proper work attire and tools (steel-toed boots, hard hat, multifunctional tools, multifunctional pocket knife, hammer, adjustable wrench, etc.)
  • It is recommended that you always take note of the date and hours that you worked, as well as the name of the event and employer. This will assist you in determining when your pay will be ready.


  • Direct deposit is available for most employers. Some of the collective agreements require that you have direct deposit information. To avoid any delay or problems with pay we highly recommend that you provide your direct deposit information to the office (email:, telephone: 514-844-7233).
  • Generally, the employer will communicate directly with the union to obtain your contact and payment information. In the event that an employer asks you to fill out an employment form, it is possible that they will not ask you for your direct deposit information. It is recommended that you reach the office so that we are able to transmit this information on your behalf.
  • For foreign workers, a copy of your work permit must be provided to the union. This can be done either in the office, or by email.
  • Each employer has their own pay periods (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.). You can find information for each employers pay period on our website: .
  • Most employers will send your checks and pay stubs directly to the office. You are required to pass by the office to collect them, or designate someone to do so on your behalf. Some employers (Opera Warehouse, etc.) will sent the checks and pay stubs by mail.
  • If you have any questions on the calculation of your hours (base rate, time and a half, overtime, etc.) you can refer to the Head Carp that was in charge of the event, or directly to the employers.
  • As a permit worker, you are considered an employee at each of the employers where you are sent for work. There is no invoice that you need to produce and will receive tax benefits from these employers. I.A.T.S.E. is never considered to be your employer.
  • Records of employment are sent by request to the employer. You can find the contact information for the pay services for each employer on our website:

The Role of the Union and Dues

  • All employees are protected by the collective agreements between I.A.T.S.E. and each employer.
  • In the event of a work-related issue, please notify the Head of Department (electric, sound, video, etc.) and the union will represent you.
  • A 10% union fee is deducted from each pay by the employer. This percentage may be subject to change at any time without notice.