Billing Details

Billing cycle in 4 quarters

  • January to March
  • April to June
  • July to September
  • October to December

In order to maintain his seniority, and to be a member in good standing, a member must have paid all amounts due during the current quarter. If the member is not in good standing, he loses his seniority when receiving calls for work. If he is not in good standing for a period of 6 months or more, he may be expelled from the union without notice, following a vote at the general meeting. (By-Laws : Article 7.3 – Debt of a Member) 

Union dues payable by quarter according to status



65 years and over


Leave of absence


A member on leave of absence is a non-active member with the union. To become an active member again, he must pay the full price of union dues for each year during which he was on a leave of absence. This option allows him to keep the insurance plan.

New member by accreditation


A new member by accreditation is a member of a theater or hall that we have just unionized. This union fee remains at this rate for 3 years from the date of accreditation. The 3 years delays allows the employees and the negotiation committee to negotiate the first collective agreement.



Retired members must be 65 years of age or older. A retirement form must be filled out at the union office. He then becomes a non-active member.

Individual insurance

This represents the member’s insurance coverage only. During the current year, the union covers the cost of the individual insurance of the member while collecting insurance contributions from the employers the member worked for. At the end of the year, the total cost of the member’s individual insurance is deducted by the insurance contribution collected for this member. If the cost is not fully covered, the member will be billed at the beginning of the following year.






Total to be billed







Total to be billed




Surpluses are deposited into the Welfare Committee’s bank account. Welfare Committee funds are used for certain benefits not included in the insurance plans.

Automatic change to insurance plan by age and status

65 years and over

Member is no longer covered by disability insurance.

75 years and over

Member is no longer covered. (He/She gets a life insurance of $5,000 paid by the union.)


Member is no longer covered. (He/She gets a life insurance of $5,000 paid by the union.)

Family insurance

This is the insurance coverage for the member’s dependents. A monthly amount must be paid by the member. The employer gives no insurance contribution for family insurance.

Kwiecien loan

A member in financial difficulty can ask the President of the Welfare Committee for a Kwiecien loan. This request must be made by letter or e-mail. This loan will have to be repaid monthly following the signing of the Kwiecen loan agreement.


Other amounts may be charged such as new member initiation fees, training fees, fines, etc.